L1 System

L1 model II and b2
L1 Model II and B2 Bass Bin

Bose L1 Loudspeaker Family:

The Bose L1 system revolutionized professional audio with its capability to propagate audio 180 degrees across a venue.  Audience members in the rear corner of a room will have the same audio experience as those on the dance floor, directly in front of the speakers.  L1 model II speakers produce a rich, consistent sound in any concert hall or reception hall.  This consistent sound is achieved through the use of 24 vertically oriented drivers.  Each driver is precisely angled to create the rich, defined audio experience.

The high-powered B2 Bass module that accompanies the L1 Model II adds power to low end frequencies. There are three settings on the B2 Bass.  The normal setting is perfect for live music applications- a kick drum or a bass guitar.  The increased bass setting was designed for DJs to boost lower frequencies for dance floors.  Finally, the low bass setting was designed for acoustic and vocal applications.


Dimensions/ Weight:
  • L1 Model II Cylindrical Radiator® Loudspeaker Top: 43.5″ H x 3.5″ W x 4″ D (16.3 lbs)
  • L1 Model II Cylindrical Radiator® Loudspeaker Bottom:  43.5″ H x 3.5″ W x 4″ D (17.4 lbs)
  • L1 Model II Power Stand: 5″ H x 10″ W x 27″ D (23.7 lbs)
  • B2 Bass Module: 23.4″ H x 13.3″ W x 18.9″ D (45 lbs)

Included in Packaging:

  • L1 Model II Power Stand and Cord
  • L1 Model II Cylindrical Radiator Loudspeakers (top and bottom)
  • Loudspeaker carrying bags
  • Power Stand carrying bag
  • B2 Bass Module, cable, and slip cover

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